$486 Million In Growth Later, Kansas' Historic Tax Cut Should Set Example For Neighbors
From Forbes: While naysayers continue to refute the existence of the (very real) good news from Kansas, more positive evidence just keeps coming. Recently released figures show that, in 2013 alone, more than ten thousand taxpayers moved from Missouri to Kansas. To put that figure in terms that really mean something: That’s a 6.3 percent increase in Missouri-to-Kansas migration over past years – during year one of Governor Sam Brownback’s historic tax cut. You can read the rest of the article by clicking here.

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May we never take the great freedom we have for granted! Our freedom gives us privileges that many in other countries know only as a distant dream. Being active in our families, in our communities, in our churches, and, yes, in politics is key to preserving the American way of life. Freedom charges us with responsibility. Amongst those responsibilities is that of voting for those who will truly lead and represent our values, staying true to the task at hand.

We are blessed as Kansans. And that means that we must be wise stewards, exercising sound business principles and fiscal responsibility. Whether we're dealing with issues of education, economic development, taxation, quality of life, or any other issue important to our district, we must be represented by people who have strength and patience, resolve and fortitude. We must be represented by people who can put real-life experience and relationship to work to "make things happen" for our state.

I have and will continue to represent you with an effective strength, a patience that takes in all sides of the issue, a resolve to fight for what is right, and the fortitude to stand when few others will, while putting my years in business to work in Topeka. I am honored to be your elected representative for the 80th District since my initial election in 2005. It is a privilege to invest my time, experience, and strong work ethic on your behalf, and I will always be humbled by the show of trust placed in me by our voters. You have my continued pledge to do everything I am able to benefit our area, and make your vote of confidence count. The honor of serving you reaches far beyond a job for me, it is a deep passion to see our state create every opportunity possible for its citizens to live and thrive here, while creating an environment for our children that helps them along their own journey in life.

At your service,


KanView: Find out Where Your Tax Dollars go
Rep. Kasha Kelley's efforts on increasing government transparency have now been realized through the establishment of KanView. You can search where your dollars are going on this new state service: KanView

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