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If you have questions about a specific issue mentioned or unmentioned, please feel free to contact and dialogue with me about it. While I do have strong reasons supporting my convictions, I am open to hearing opposing viewpoints. I will always take all input into consideration, weighing the will of the people carefully, before making a fully-informed decision on any one issue. You can contact me by e-mail at or by phone at 316-772-0513. Thank you!

If we are to keep Kansas, and the 80th District in particular, attractive to residents and businesses, we must continue to work for a balanced tax structure that is fair and not overburdensome. We have made much progress in this area in recent years with the tax policy we have passed, however, it takes time to see policy play out. The early signs of the significant changes we have made are very encouraging. I will continue to be a central voice for the taxpayer in the continued movement toward a tax atmosphere that is flatter, fairer, yet still enough to fund core duties of government.

In any area of life, where expenses outstrip income, the balance of financial health is challenged. To grow and improve, Kansas - like every business, every family, every individual - must live within its means. As the CEO of a small business, I understand fiscal responsibility and the very difficult decisions that must be made when money is limited. I have been a strong, effective voice over the course of my time in Topeka for reigning in big spending, right-sizing the ship, and living within means. The state has moved from yearly (compounding) increases of 6-9% year and a heavy debt profile, to actively paying down state debt, protecting and ensuring an ending balance for unforeseen needs, and working with agencies to cut out unneeded, duplicative functions. Together, these fiscal disciplines help ensure that Kansas lives within means and doesn't seek to overtax the taxpayer. As government is a hungry entity, and spending is a challenge every year - especially in lean economic years - I will continue to be a strong and effective voice for responsible budgeting. Without a foundation of fiscal health, a state cannot serve its citizens well. I also believe our state finances should be very transparent. Early in my service, I drafted and successfully moved through legislation that was the first of its kind in the nation: KanView. KanView is the online portal that allows you to view our "state's checkbook" so that you can learn more about our finances, ask questions and make suggestions. Feel free to visit it at

We all realize our youth are our future. Every young person deserves a quality education, and every citizen should have the highest interest in seeing that our education system produces quality. Quality education is not standardized or measured by tests. Quality education is about individuals and real-world achievement. Our children do not come in the same shape, with the same talent, the same desires in life, and the same needs. Our system of education must become more and more tailored to meet each child's learning potential and pathway to individual prosperity. This IS possible. Wonderful solutions, such as Carpe Diem schools exist (found in both public and private settings).

These models prove that teaching each student on an individual track is more than a dream - it is happening, and in an affordable fashion that children, teachers and parents are loving. Our children deserve an approach to education like or similar to this. And our teachers deserve the ability to do what they love: Teach! The regulatory atmosphere in education has filled our classrooms with so much paperwork and pressure to "make the cut" on standardized testing, that we've stifled creativity and lost much of the individual talent of the teacher in the classroom. Within my close family, I have had five (excellent) public educators who have taught over a cross-section of time. Within the span of careers, it is tangible how much the classroom has changed. It simply isn't as free as it used to be. In this era of standardization, many teachers are confined to a narrow path of teaching. Moreover, education is made partisan (it is NOT a partisan issue), stifling progress at every level with politics.

I have and will continue to try to erase the lines of partisanship, help us all realize a common goal important to every Kansan and our Kansas economy, and work to continue to foster innovation in education, the freedom to fail and find a better solution, the freedom to teach individuals as individuals with tools that make such a task easier. Kansas has all it needs to ensure that all our children have access to an excellent education. Every area of live is changing and innovating rapidly. Our education system can benefit from embracing some of the same thinking and certainly the tools afforded by this real-world innovation.

There exist a whole host of other issues with which I am very involved, and which matter to citizens, ranging from elder care to emergency services to healthcare to locally-driven issues. If you have questions about any other topics not listed here, or would like more insight on the issues that are listed here, please contact me.

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